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We hire some of the most multicultural and talented people in the information technology space to shape the future of Auto Insurance in the U.S. We have redefined the culture code through our distinctive approach, flat hierarchy, commitment, flexibility, and transparency to ensure that our employees and customers are continually learning and growing.

We have a bold and vibrant environment that values and recognizes individuals who are inspired by challenges constantly. We never miss an opportunity to let you know how much we appreciate your contribution. Our goal is to retain, grow and nurture the best talent in the industry.

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Freelance Sales Associate

We are looking for energetic sales associates to drive license sales of our Xemplar Drive solution in all parts of the country. Designed to help any commercial business that uses vehicles and drivers to conduct business, Xemplar Drive automatically collects and analyzes data from their fleet operations to provide the business owner or fleet manager deep insights on their risks, routes and driving habits.

Any aspiring sales executive could use this unique opportunity to gain experience in selling innovative mobile/SaaS technology that can make our roads safer while earning attractive commissions on every committed sale (big or small) at the end of the first month of billing.

The onboard sales associate can work at the pace that best suits their availability, region, and target prospect list. The associate will report to CEO or VP of Sales & Marketing for guidance and support during prospecting and closing. Product training and sales collateral will be provided along with a demo account.

The interested candidate is expected to bring excellent communication skills, energy, tech-savviness and hunger to win deals. Some experience in selling technology solutions is required to learn the product features. This is part-time 1099-based employment with commission-only comp package. Traveling to prospect location is entirely discretionary, and any associated expenses if incurred would not be reimbursed. Commission amount on each deal equates to on-time payment 80% of full-month revenue to Xemplar from that deal (minimum 1-year term). This is at-will employment and can be canceled by either party without notice or reason.

Location of Job - Any major US city or suburb. Hiring is subject to the candidate clearing a background check.

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Implementation Consultant

As an Implementation Consultant, you will be responsible for achieving the overall success of our client organizations that signup to implement Xemplar products in their business. You will lead all responsibilities, from implementation planning to go-live, and post-production support by working closely with the sponsor and assigned stakeholders to configure, customize, and roll out the final solution. The role requires a blend of technical understanding of the mobile and cloud technologies, auto insurance, and program management. As a key contact for the customer team, you will work closely with the offshore implementation manager to coordinate implementation specific requirements, action items, weekly status, escalations, testing, etc.

As a representative of the customer, you will also play the role of a critical stakeholder in building the product roadmap and improvements based on real-life business scenarios that you might face during implementations. You must drive all projects to completion by anticipating the needs of Xemplar's clients and ensure that the internal and external teams are aligned to focus on the implementation. Adoption and the overall Customer Success will be the key performance goals of this role.

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Mobile-Cloud Solution Architect

Solutions Architect will own the overall architecture and design of Xemplar products. You will be responsible for continually enhancing the product architecture with appropriate R&D, drive technology innovation, design/redesign product components, implement technical debt remediation programs, security compliance, and audits, performance, providing technical governance on product development and implementation projects. You will be a critical member of the core team that drives the product roadmap and overall growth.

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Senior iOS Developers

We are always on the lookout for exceptional talent, one who loves good code and has a deep understanding and appreciation for the iOS platform and its direction. If you want to push the boundaries of the iOS devices and play with its core architecture, this is the place for you. You will work in a fast-paced, highly productive environment that develops cool features to solve real business problems.

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Senior Android Developers

You must have a beginner's mind to continually learn, ask questions and try new things to keep pace with every changing Android OS. You will help break down stories into technical design and implementation tasks, collaborate with other teams to implement cross-system designs, draft software component designs, write and review code, and participate in discussions about what to build next.

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Senior Database Engineers

Data is our power! You must have extensive knowledge in manipulating the data, aggregating it in a variety of ways to provide expected results to the rest of the solution. As a Senior Database Engineer, you must standardize all database related objects and processes, maintain documentation, and apply development and data security standards where applicable. If working with Big Data and Analytics, Machine Learning is your passion; we need you here at Xemplar Insights.

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Data Scientists

Of all the qualities of a Data Scientist, we are looking for someone who is - a statistical thinker with a hacker spirit, can contextualize and solve problems using multi-modal communication, ask enough questions to kill the proverbial cat and not assume anything, be creative in problem-solving and see it through the end. You will be responsible for modeling complex problems, discovering insights and identifying opportunities through the use of statistical, machine learning, algorithmic, data mining and visualization techniques.

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