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A Holistic Approach Towards UBI

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It is quite apparent that Auto Insurance business is undergoing a significant transformation because of high costs, growing competition, advancing technology in vehicles, and rising expectations of insurance buyers. How insurance companies must prepare and be ready to embrace this transformation is a hot topic and a challenging change management issue.

We at Xemplar are working hard to develop innovative products and offer thought
leadership to help the business leaders in this journey.

What's inside

This e-book is designed to help Auto Insurers on how to strategically embrace disruptive mobile technology like Xemplar to get ready for the future.

A Holistic Approach Towards UBI
  • How to assess the Xemplar opportunity
  • Busting the myths that surround telematics powered systems
  • Strategies on how to overcome the adoption challenges of a solution that is designed to deliver transformational results
  • Practical tips on how to develop the right approach
  • Insights on what you get by way of returns

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